4th October 2013


A law is to come into force later next year prohibiting and making illegal forced marriages. Half of all these take place within the Pakistani community. I cannot see this law being enforced, as indeed has the law relating to Female Genital Mutilation not been. It is offensive in the extreme that we here, in Great Britain, see the clock turned back many centuries, when such ‘arranged’ marriages were also common. The majority of such marriages are conducted within the Asian community. This goes totally contra our culture, and rather than have a law that will not be applied, I would like to see any potential perpetrators of such crimes removed from this country.


I have always found Quentin Letts rather amusing – as a parliamentary sketch writer for the Daily Mail that is. Unfortunately on the panel of Question Time yesterday he is less than convincing. I am also disappointed that the audience came across as partisan. I would hope the audience was screened before the show, so as to reflect political opinion on all sides of the spectrum. But then, how can that work. Invariably potential participants can, and will, say anything to be selected. So where it is thought some who may reflect the views of the conservative party, these are in fact staunch lefties. It makes sense for all major political parties to plan for this. I don’t see what can be done about this.


I have always referred to him as the camp sounding, Jewish comedian. Anyone have a problem with that?


I read that abortion clinics are offering abortions to couples who wish to ensure that the sex of their child is to their wishes. This invariably means the abortion of female foetuses. Of course, this comes as no surprise. It has been going on for many years and will gain momentum apace. Why? Because this practise pay, it pays very well, and will pay even better the more noise the government makes about curtailing it. Again, and why do I have to repeat myself, the pressure stems from the immigrant community.


It was utter madness to select Qatar as a venue for the world cup. I have no doubt bribes played a part in this. Qatar wanted the cup at all costs, and paying bribes is the way business is done in this part of the world. Then again, FIFA have a track record in this respect, as indeed do the IOC. It is high time Sebb Blatter went.


I quite liked Ed Milliband’s speech to the Labour Party conference. At least he had something to say, and some of his policy statements will find resonance with the electorate. Of course, nothing will ever happen with them, even if Labour were elected.


For Italy to declare a national day of morning is quite absurd. It will send out the wrong message to those who wish to enter the EU illegally, ie the bulk of them.


I heard David Cameron a couple of days ago on the Today program. I find it tortuous to listen to him. The man gives quite simply such a bad and even absurd impression. I have always referred to him as ‘a petulant schoolboy’, right from day one; I hear nothing that will make me change my mind. He never had what it takes to become a prefect, let alone head boy. I have fed up with all these utterances about pledges – pledges here, pledges there – few of which will ultimately be acted upon. The Tory party is running the country with knee jerk sound-bites, it is tinkering with the problems we have faced and yet have to face. There is no thought out and cohesive model for the economy.

As for George Osborne, he always sounded so uncomfortable in his role as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Quite rightly so, for how can this man have the experience or capability to fulfil that function. But I noted in his speech to the Tory Conference a new confidence in his speech. I do so hope he has not come to believe that he thinks he knows what he is talking about. Most designed to garner votes, none of them deliverable.

Listening to David Cameron’s speech to the Tory Party Conference I have to ask the question ‘What did he actually have to say?’. Well, nothing, nothing at all, and yet there are those dim witted enough to find resonance with what was not said. There were no policy statements, no addressing of the fundamental issues that affect our economy and society in short… it was a shameful piece of propaganda. The man is out-goebbelling Goebbels.


I grow to like the French more daily. They have the balls to virgorously protect their culture and life-style, something that is sorely lacking here on the part of our politicians, Nigel Farage excepted. There are those on the left of politics who defend the rights of Rumanians and Bulgarians to come to the rest of the EU freely, as per the Schengen Agreement. I say to those people, have you actually ever met and mixed with either of the above? No, of course you haven’t. I have. The prognosis that a very great many from both countries will come here, and indeed to other West European countries, in order to commit crimes, is being proven to be correct.


I really can’t see what all the fuss is about. I find the article ill advised. But did Ralph Milliband hate Britain? I have no idea. Did he prefer life in the Soviet Union? By all accounts he did, like many left wing radicals at the time, be they misguided or not. As for Alistair Campbell taking the high ground in this matter, that is quite farcical. He has been trying to re-invent himself since stepping down as de facto Deputy Prime Minister, but that doesn’t wash with me.


Perhaps not just on Facebook, but then Facebook is a multi-cultural medium spanning all of the world and many of the conversations are conducted in English; English is quite simply the lingua franca. It begs the question what does one mean by English. The English language has been adapted by peoples all over the world to suit their own language, its vocabulary, its idioms, its nuances etc. One could therefore argue that now there are many different forms of English. I speak and understand a number of languages, but am nevertheless occasionally flummoxed by something someone has posted. One as to be careful in replying, should one wish to do so, as to avoid any misunderstanding. It is also almost pointless writing in too good an English, as I have found to my cost, comments often being misinterpreted. Then again, this can give rise to some quite surreal conversations.


I seem to have a moan on a yearly basis about the plethora of sites that tell you what your site’s world ranking is, and the number of visitors you get to it. They are all, without exception, totally fraudulent. I have a number of websites, one of which has scored a world ranking of between 6 – 20 million; quite frankly, I don’t care what the ranking is. Alexa is the ‘foremost’ of these sites and one which all others defer to. Yet Alexa has quite simply not a clue as to the number of visitors one gets on one’s site. Only the owner of a site knows that (and yes his/her server). Alexa can only gather information on those who have ‘subscribed’ to Alexa, and precious few have in the big state of things. I read that my site has some 300 visitors a month. Well, actually, I get between 300-1200 per DAY. I rest my case.

MICHAEL GOVE – Much reduced

I read that Michael Gove had spent two months in an Austrian fat farm. Fat farm, I just love that description, but it is a spa for the overweight and otherwise challenged. Apparently he lost 2 stone in weight, largely by being restricted to a healthy diet allowing not more than 600 calories a day. That’s the way to do it! No doubt this was augmented by copious colonic irrigations, of which such spas in Teutonic lands are very fond. To be fair, he looks like a new man.

If there is one overweight, puffy-faced, balding Tory politician who should undergo this treatment, it is of course David Cameron. I think he would particularly benefit from colonic irrigation, after all, the man is so full of shit.


Geoffrey Bloom has done UKIP no good. On the hand hand I believe you can say all manner of things and get away with it – he can’t. That apart, and most importantly,  many in the media, even those to the right of politics, are scrutinizing UKIP closely, looking for such gaffes to report on and no doubt blow out of all proportion.

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