15th November 2013


South Kesteven District Council (SKDC), led by Miss Piggy aka Lind Neal, are certainly a council from hell, as is demonstrated time and time again. The old chestnut in respect of their lack of care as far as noise pollution on their patch in Bourne is concerned will not go away – nor, let me assure you, will I as it happens. Be it the Firkin Ale, The Jubilee, even on occasion Smith’s, they have all been in breach of both Licensing and Environmental Health regulations. Inevitably the council care not a jot. One of the problems I dare say is that this council has been led by one party and the same people more or less for a very long time. Corruption inevitably sets in, and by corruption I don’t mean solely financial corruption. I have made enquiries about other councils around the country, they treat such issues seriously, not so this council. Operatives will not come out to investigate such issues, particularly not out of hours. Well, that is not quite true, if one carries some clout with them they will send someone out, as in the instance of a vexatious and spurious claim made by a shop owner recently. They are fundamentally in breach of sections 79 and 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, but appear to be law unto themselves.


I have a number of people to add to this, but will make a start this week with the two dears depicted below. In view of the Government’s investigation into dodgy detectives (which has gone rather quiet again of recent), perhaps one should just cast a eye over them. They go under the names of Cameron Gowlett and Duncan Mee.


What people tend to forget is that we had stood still or had negative growth for some years, consequently growth in our economy was inevitable sooner or later, the French example notwithstanding. This comes at a good time for the Government as they can talk it up in time for the next general election. But let them beware, there are still some further growth figures to be announced by then. And now we have the Tories airbrushing any references to pledges they gave (all of which were not maintained) from their online presence, nor do Nick and Dave  appear to be such good friends any more; all in the name of politics.


It’s bad enough having had Tony Robinson knighted, but David Beckham? Come on! As far as Robinson is concerned, some may be very disappointed in him. An icon of the far left he nevertheless decided that Sir Tony has a nice ring to it – rather hypocritical methinks. I guess the fat man from Hull set a precedent.


At least, so the song goes. In response to events in the Philippines our idiot Cameron sent a warship to assist with relief efforts. The USA announced the next day they would be sending an aircraft carrier. Hark… hark I say, now we too are sending an aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious. It doesn’t look much like an aircraft carrier compared to the US navy’s George Washington, but it sounds good, right? Oh, by the way, calling our man an idiot, something I have been doing for a good many years, is quite OK, as it has now been given the Paxo seal of approval.


I read some of the comments made by Sir James Munby, a senior judge and president of the Family Division of the High Court. Munby had a run in with the barrister representing the Earl Spencer in his divorce from his second wife some years ago. That barrister, Nicholas Mostyn, farmed pigs and named a litter of seven of them James, Munby, Self-regarding, Pompous, Publicity, Seeking, Pillock. That did not go down too well, but I must say, I rather like his style!

‘Courts must not be swayed by Christian morality,’ Munby said. Well, who knows, if you are an atheist you would agree with this sentiment. Then he goes on to say that England is multicultural now. I am concrened about his use of that much perverted word ‘multicultural’. Arguably we are not multicultural, or we have been for at least a couple of millennia, but if we have, then not in today’s context. He said: ‘Surely we must assess matters in 1213 by the standards of reasonable men and women, not by the standards of their parents in 1970, implying that Christian values prevailed then. I would suggest that if we were to live by Christian values we would have a much fairer society, and I don’t speak as a Christian. I wager that the vast majority of people do look back fondly on a time when crime rates were much lower than today, although one should not forget the many gross miscarriages of justice that took place. Or perhaps we should have Shariah law in this country (it already exists in some matters, legally and illegally). Let homosexuals be executed, thieves have their hands amputated, adulterers/adulteresses be stoned to death, yes, why not. But of course his lordship baulks at that, but is not the thin end of the wedge that such opinions may well give rise to such draconian punishments in due course?

Incidentally, Munby was appointed Lord Justice of Appeal by Gordon Brown whilst he was in office; that says it all for me. Judges for the most part come from the ranks of QCs (Queen’s Counsels). A successful QC would take a significant drop in salary to become a judge. Some do of course for the cudos and status. But will a QC who is unsuccessful, and they do exist believe me, make a good judge?


Having heard this man speak several times over the past fortnight, I have to say the people of Toronto, having voted him into office, got what they deserve.


I have for some years been advocating that Arsene Wenger is well past his sell-by date. If he isn’t then Arsenal fans are a curious crowd, happy not to see metal-ware come their way for a good many years. Of course, were he no longer to manage, and I can well imagine that he won’t want to again, may we yet see and hear him as a pundit in the media. That perhaps is even more intolerable.


I heard an interview with him recently on British radio. What an amazing and fascinating man.


Everyone seems to be so worried about security agencies reading ones emails, blogs and so on. But pretty ordinary people filter through content to find data that is of interest to them. There are many ways this can be done, even with such basic and not particularly effective tools such as Google Alerts. There are even companies specialising in finding information for you. So in that context I find it amusing to note that when one mentions keywords such as ‘behead – Tony Blair – David Cameron – Mark Zuckerberg’, visits to this site went up 6 fold for the day.


Why do the media, and the Government, one should not forget them, although it is easily done, talk about Roma, Romanians, Bulgarians, uncle Tom Cobley and all, as if they are a a fait accompli, as if they are here to stay. They should be sent back where they came from, and it is, believe me, as simple as that. They have nothing to seek here, nor do they make a positive contribution to this country. This will all yet find a very violent end.


David Cameron’s voice and his speeches are to oratory what Heinrich Himmler was to European Jewry.

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