17th December 2013


When did I first use that headline? It must be some 15 years ago in a blog. Today I refer to the COULD BE daily paper, the Daily Mail. Have you noticed how a vast number of their headlines read this, that and the other could happen? But it never does. Today we have:

An apple a day COULD be good for you…. Really? How about:

The smart bra that COULD give your diet a boost… yeah….

Pay rises COULD soon outstrip inflation…

Plastic banknotes COULD….. I won’t go on.

This is all very tedious. I find the horoscope in the Mail, as predicted by Jonathan Caylor, is more accurate.


I read to day, in the Daily Mail no less, so it must be true, that drones attacking targets in Afghanistan, and no doubt elsewhere, are flown by a pilot from the comfort of his armchair in his home somewhere in Lincolnshire. Two thoughts occur. Once his home is identified, this man runs the risk of being targeted by terrorists. More generally, I don’t know why some smart IT alec hasn’t managed to intercept the communication between command centre and the drones, hijack them and use them to their own ends. It is going to happen, I have no doubt.


I understand from the manager of this establishment in North Street, Bourne, that they have been burgled for the second time in almost as many months. I am not surprised. I understand the man haS made a great many enemies over the years. That apart, come on, Christmas is almost upon us, and no doubt criminals celebrate it with festive cheer as do the rest of us.


How we in the West react to the difficulties in the Ukraine at present is important. There are many outside of the region, and indeed a good many in the country, who want to see Ukraine join the EU. That is some years away, if it happens, but a trade agreement has been offered. I can well understand Russia’s reluctance to see this happen, for many reasons. First and foremost they see this as an incursion in and encroachment upon their interests in their own sphere of influence. After all, the Ukraine was an important member of the Soviet Union and still is important economically. The country supplies Russia with many raw materials, products and produce; after all, where would Russia be without the Ukraine’s wines and champagnes. By the same token industry in the Ukraine is heavily dependent upon Russia not only as a consumer of its products, but also a supplier of energy in the form of gas. The trade agreement just signed between the two countries is not disadvantageous to the Ukraine. A similar deal between them and the EU could not be envisaged, thankfully so, as we have enough problems as it is. One could go on, but there is no need. I believe we should keep well out of this affair. Look at what involvement by well-meaning, but totally misguided, people here in Europe and in the USA brought about in the Arab world. Arab Spring – my arse!

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