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28th January 2014


I posted some weeks ago about this evil and utterly incompetent council. Arguably they have now surpassed themselves, but at what human tragedy. The development they undertook here in Wherry’s Lane, Bourne,  is running very much over its sheduled completion date. The site foreman, Carl, was facing tremendous problems in trying to get the development finished on time, or even anywhere near time. In the event its completion is well over a year overdue. I have it on good authority that he would email his bosses at 2 or 3 in the morning informing them of these.  Last year, but a few months ago now, his wife and a son found him; he had hanged himself. They cut him down, but it was too late. He was dead! Whether this was the reason for his suicide, or whether there were other contributory reasons, remains to be determined. I find it odd, however, that this has not been reporterd in the local media. Are the council putting pressure on them not to report this matter? I would not be surprised.

There had been so many problems he faced. I have already mentioned the fact that the seven shop units built cannot accommodate eateries. This is due to a design flaws in the shops, and these cannot apparently be corrected. Given that it is shops selling take-away foods which are the only likely ones to take up a lease, this demonstrates South Kesteven District Council’s (SKDC’s) total incompetence. Gregg’s had shown interest in a shop, but pulled out, due to the company’s current financial difficulties. Subway also showed interest, but could not proceed forthe reason stated above.

I found out recently that the council in their wisdom had installed energy saving electrical fittings. The electrician refused to supply the light bulbs for these as they cost £75 a shot, a grand total of over £2000, which had not been costed in. May the Council leader Linda Neal and her acolytes be brought to justice over this utter mismanagement of a matter in which they should not have involved themselves in the first place, ie property development.


Why celebrate the beginning of WWI? If anything we should surely be celebrating its end in a few years time. I find this quite perverse. Those poor bastards who died in their millions were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I have no doubt whatsoever that they would now be turning in their graves when they see how the current leaders of this country are selling it to the highest bidder.


Ed Balls is a moron masquerading as an imbecile. While I have a certain sympathy for taxing those exceedingly wealthy more than the rest of us, I do come out against this. I don’t subscribe to the argument that increasing the top tax rate to 50% will lead to an exodus of wealthy people from this country. They are here for many reasons, largely in London and the Home Counties, reasons other than the level of taxation in the UK.

And yet I feel a tax rate of 50% is not equitable. I myself have been a recipient of tax rates very much higher than 50% in the days of the Labour governments in the 70s, so cannot forget this easily. How much better, and how more revenue can be obtained, by closing down loopholes for tax avoidance, coming down on tax evasion, and making double taxation agreements more difficult to enter into. This would bring in a substantially higher amount of money; various figures have been given and I won’t go down the road of citing these, but significantly higher they will be.


UKIP are not doing themselves any favours at the moment. I have the greatest respect for Nigel Farage, a man who calls a spade a spade, and recognizes the fundamental issues relating to our economy, society and much else, and most importantly shares the concerns of ordinary people. And yet UKIP are badly organised, a point I have made for some time. Too many of their election candidates in the past have been what I can only describe as flaky. David Campbell Bannerman is no doubt an idiot, but too many such idiots have been admitted to UKIP over the years. As for the ranting of David Sylvester, a councillor of Henley-on-Thames – I am lost for words.

Farage’s weather forecast of a few days ago was a damage limitation exercise, and quite funny and clever I thought; but it should not have been necessary. Let us hope no further disasters await them.


I read in the Mail on Sunday  ‘PM: I drive Sam so crazy with the TV remote control that she walks out of the room.’ What would a psychologist make of this? I am no psychologist, but it occurs to me that he is scatter brained, does not have staying power, and demonstrates a lack of concentration. Quite apart from that, he shows an uncaring attitude towards his wife. I’m not sure that these are good traits to have in a man who is meant to be running this country. As for his views on British history, the less said the better. The man is an idiot, Jeremy Paxman is right.


What is happening in the Ukraine is disturbing, and yet the Brussels Facista have a lot to answer for. That useless woman Kathy Ashton, EU foreign policy chief, and the then German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle did nothing to help the matter by visiting the Ukraine at the end of last year. If anything it fuelled the already smouldering situation.


Listening to Cameron speak is even worse than listening to that consumate drone Gordon Brown. Gordon who? You may well ask. And who on earth invited him to Davos? I’m astonished it has not dawned on them yet that he has no financial acumen whatsoever.


The poor guy has had to endure such a wholesome lifestyle for most of his life, it is not surprising that he is rebelling against it. It is very refreshing to see, given his recent arrest, that he is after all a normal young man. Will it harm his career? Well, it’s not going to go down too well with his Christian following, but then God is forgiving, let us see what wonders he can work.


31st October 2011

The last post was several weeks ago. This was not for want of things to write about. I was somewhat under the weather, but am back fighting fit again.


Thankfully this dreadful windbag has been sacked by Leicester City football club. How anyone could climb to such heights in the football world based largely on bullshit is beyond me. His ex did not do much better on Strictly Come Dancing.


All things must come to an end, but 83 is perhaps not that old an age nowadays. Jimmy Savile has died. He was unique, larger than life, a good entertainer and a very smart businessman to boot. He had the ability rarely to spend money, his own money that is, indeed, some would suggest he was somewhat of a skinflint. Well, that was his prerogative. I don’t believe he ever paid for any of the cigars he continuously smoked. I briefly had  dealings with him in the 80s. He will be missed by many, last but not least those kids who have fond memories of Jim Fixing it for them, as also those who participated in the show.


Far from it. The weather, always a good conversational topic, has been very mild in my part of England. There’s not a lot more to be said on this!


I heard a report on the BBC Radio 4 Moneybox program a couple of days ago. This related to hire-car companies hanging onto deposits paid by customers. In brief, when you hire a car you are asked to put a lien on an amount of money, in some instances not insignificant, on your credit or debit card.

This is meant to be cleared from the same as soon as, or shortly after, you have returned the vehicle and there has been no damage to it, of course. But returned promptly it is not.

I had this experience myself some months ago, in my case it was with AVIS. I had to deposit an amount of money with AVIS via my debit card in case of any damage done to the vehicle during the term of my hire, notwithstanding the fact that I had taken out additional insurance. But OK, fair enough. After I had returned the car and it had been inspected for damage, and there was none, I discovered some days later that the sum initially debited to my account was unavailable to me. When contacting AVIS I was told this was normal. My bank told me the same thing and that the funds would be withheld for at least 5 days. One man who appeared on the program apparently had his money withheld for16 days!

This is clearly outrageous and demonstrates unequivocally the contempt in which customers are held by their banks; we need to have laws enacted that will stop banks and hire car companies and indeed hotels et al, from acting in this way. There is no point in letting them attempt to regulate themselves, they won’t do it. Why should they. To hold onto such funds for even only a matter of days with God knows how many hundreds of thousands of customers is good business. Good for cash flows and good for interest earned on the money.

14th November 2011


So Berlusconi has departed – bene. Forza Italia…. cosa sua…cosa loro….ma cosa nostra?

I read that Roberto Olla has written a new biography of Benito Musolini. Apparently Il Duce bedded some 400 women. Berlusocni hasn’t been doing too badly in that respect. Perhaps he wants top get into the Peroni Book of Records, the Italian equivalent of the Guiness book of records!


The head of the UK Border Agency has resigned. Apparently the reason given is that   immigrants are swarming over our boundaries and have been doing so for some time. Well, the Times are not the only ones to have a whistle blower. Go to my post made in May of this year. All the press have now been looking for information on this fiasco from snouts within the UKBA, but that is something they should have done years ago. What a mess out press!


I was delighted to read about what Patrick Mercer is alleged to have said about David Cameron. I say alleged, although there is little doubt in my mind that he did say what has been stated. I am equally disappointed that he now denies this. I have been saying worse myself for some time now, but better late than never Patrick.


Minor royal Zara Phillips will I suspect regret having married Mike Tindall. Marrying a commoner is one thing, but marrying a common man is quite another.


Jimmy Savile’s death heralds the end of an era, for me at least. I have nothing to add to what has been said about him, other than that I found his obsession with getting a knighthood amusing. Tony Prince, the former disc jockey, published an interesting and revealing excerpt about Savile on Facebook, taken from a soon to be published book.


Some months ago I suggested the media will find something negative to write about Justin Bieber, I mean, this lovely fellow is too good to be true; indeed they have found something to try and smear him with. He apparently has a love child. So he’s a normal guy after all! If these allegations are true one may expect his approval rating in the US Bible Belt to drop significantly, unless he can prove the woman had a virgin birth, in which case….!


Once again we have appeals from Wikipedia for funds. £5, £10 or £20 a month would do nicely, Sir. Is this a precursor to being charged for using Wikipedia? I don’t think that will ever happen, it defeats the fundamental objectives of the site. And yet I suppose they have overheads to consider. Whilst contributors to it work for nothing, they do have back-office staff, maintenance and hosting costs to consider. I think they may well be going down the road of carrying advertisements. Given there tremendous popularity, this should bring in significant funds.

I was an earlie contriobutor to Wiki, but stopped making contributions after some caustic and rather silly remarks made by some of the geeks who oversaw contributions then. It has greatly improved over the past 2 – 3 years, although there are still some areas where what they post is utter nonsense. I’ve said it before, but I really must comment on it again. I have a good number of friends and acquaintance who got people to give them a biographical Wiki write-up. Now, I know these people very well, and believe me, what is said about them on Wikipedia bears little resemblance to them. No, at present I regard it as totally non-U to be on Wikipedia.


23rd February 2011


Bourne Town Council is a cousin of SKDC – the council from hell!

In the light of the cut-backs the country is facing, I cannot think of any Government department that has not been affected, and that includes the Court Service. So what are these extraordinary shenanigans at Bourne Town Hall all about?

Well over a year ago I saw some old legal books in an ante-room in the Town Hall, which used to house the magistrates court. The court had been closed and cases transferred to Spalding in order to save money. I expressed my desire to buy these books to the court service.  The books were of a negligible intrinsic value, indeed, the court service and other institutions have been ‘giving such books away’ for pulping. They are no longer used by the legal profession as almost all such information is now available on line. There was a reluctance on the part of Bourn Town Council to part with these. Why, I don’t know. No one sees them, no one is interested in them. Indeed, there was talk, it is ever talk with these people, of moving the library into the old town hall premises, which in itself would have necessitated their removal. I was then told by the court service that these had been listed (at what cost), and were to be removed to a storage facility (at what cost), and cannot be made available for sale. Curious. Do I detect the hand of the town clerk in this matter? If so, she is in my opinion extremely foolish, as I was only interested in a dozen or so of the volumes, intending to donate the remainder to the town. Has the town clerk over reached herself in this matter?


I have known a bag lady in Soho for many years now, and whenever I see I give her a little something, although she has the ability to touch most punters up for 50P – £1; I wrote about her some time ago. A well known London photographer did some photos of her to hand out to ‘clients’. I got one a year ago and asked her to sign it for me. I would not be surprised to find her taking VISA and Master cards in due course. I mean, she must be a damn site better off than I am.


When demonstrations against Colonel Ghadaffi started in Libya, he had but two options. The first was to give in and go quietly. The second was to nip the revolt in the bud, quickly and ruthlessly. The first option was no option to the man of course. The second I thought may just possibly have succeeded, but thankfully will not now. I don’t believe he can hold on much longer. Those who still support him, his armed militia and others must see the writing on the wall.  He may well be assassinated by someone close to him, one of his all female virgin Praetorian guards perhaps? This quite frankly is the best solution. It is a little reminiscent of Nicolae Ciausescu and his wife Elena, executed by their own troops.

On a wider level, the USA must be having the greatest concern in so far as Saudi Arabia is concerned. Saudi is of vital strategic importance to the USA, as are the Gulf States in general, but if Saudi falls, so will they. I read that a demonstration will be held in Rijad on 13th March, with presumably the acquiescence of the Saudi government.

The situation in Tunisia and Egypt has temporarily been contained, much to the USA’s satisfaction. But what real change will their peoples see? Little in effect, and they are beginning to realise it. There is a void in these countries that needs to be filled quickly, and the propensity for further unrest assuaged.


Well, here’s an interesting factoid given on the Steve Wright show. ATMs carry more fecal bloom than do toilets! Who’s not washing their hands after going to the loo then? Actually, far too many people, as I am reminded of during my visits to public conveniences. I have almost a Michael Jackson cleanliness fetish, washing my hands every hour or so. So don’t worry should you ever have occasion to shake hands with me. I just thought you’d want to be made aware of this…lol.


I was sitting in the French, minding my own business, when someone I had not seen in years walked in and sat next to me. Well, it’s a long time since I met her. We exchanged lives…. or lack of them perhaps. Her current is a man who is now eying up Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson? I mean, arguably why go for the side order when you can have the main course with ****. I say arguably, for there’s no accounting for taste I guess.


At long last there is a chance, just a chance, that he may be forced from office. Of course who knows what the future will bring, a different government in Italy every 6 months? Yet anything has to be better than this man. I wonder whether he can get a Papal dispensation or indulgence for his misdeeds with under-age girls.


Having tried to get a song I co-wrote with my song-writing partner accepted for Eurovision, I am despondent about the UK’s  chances of winning, yet again. OK, I haven’t heard Blue’s song yet, but the fact that it was chosen by the BBC does not auger well as far as I am concerned. We have such a bad track records over recent years in this competition. Political voting has been the bane of this event, but this year a change has been made. 50% of the votes cast will be by the juries, 50% by the public. Hopefully that will to an extent redress the problem.

In the event, our song received some positive reactions from smaller countries, but we had left it too late; but then the song was not ready in time, it’s as simple as that. And yet it is very much better than any of the entries I have so far heard. I speak as a music publisher who has had some success over the years, with a number of platinum and gold records to our then company’s name.  There seems little point in approaching the major countries. The UK in any event was a no no partly for the reason stated above. Germany chose a song again to be sung by Lena, the winner of last year’s contest. The song is atrocious and demonstrates that Lena cannot sing. She’s a lovely girl no doubt, but she simply has no voice. But it is the Eurovision mafia in Germany, as I choose to call them, who put a stop to anyone getting a song accepted in which they do not have an overriding interest. It was ever so in years gone by. No matter, our song will yet be successful in Europe – Eurovision or no Eurovision.


Well, I thought he was, but on a recent visit to Bonn I met a Beethoven look-alike – with blue hair! Not sure what statement he is trying to make, but hey…. why not. How are you Chris?


The Germans have a neat way of getting around the smoking ban in public places – they ignore it to quite a significant extent. There is nowadays a rebellious streak running through German society that has long been extinguished in Britain.

It has to be said that Germany being a Federal State, each State within it enacts its own ban on smoking. I am in Nordrheinwestphalen, Germany’s largest state and the industrial powerhouse of the country. What I go on to say is based on personal experience in three of the major cities here, as also talking to pub landlords. So, let’s look at pubs. You have a number of pubs who have ‘never heard’ of the smoking. You can puff away to your heart’s content at all times. Then there are others where you have a ban until a certain hour, after which you can smoke. Yet others have a room or two set aside for smokers. Then of curse there are the smoking clubs within pubs, a wonderful wheeze. Some restaurants and cafes also allow you to smoke after a certain hour, typically between 12.00 – 15.00 hours. The authorities turn a blind eye. Why? The overriding reason is that having had difficult times economically (although the economy now is light years ahead of the British), they have no wish to see pubs closing en masse due to the ban. They have a pragmatic approach. Perhaps our Government can learn something from them.

Another interesting development is that where you sit outside a pub or restaurant, you can of course smoke. You are, however, now supplied with wonderful warm woollen blankets, each chair having one draped over it. You can see determined smokers hundled up in these puffing away. I have even seen the equivalent of Joe’s greasy cafe being so equiped, the equivalent of which here is Ali’s Kebab Bar.


The early history indeed! We won’t see much of it on present trends. I popped into the museum in Stamford a couple weeks ago to get contact details for organisations that may be interested in the town’s early history. I was given two contacts, the one being of the Stamford Historical Society. I phoned them. I told the chap who answered the phone that in my researches into medieval history, in source material for the most part hitherto unpublished, I come across a great many references to Stamford and its environs. Would he/they be interested in these? The reply was that Stamford early history had been rehashed so many times… no thank you. How inane is that. I am not surprised that such negative responses have meant that there is no thorough up-to-date history of the place. What can I say. I hung up.


Such a lovely young fellow, star of the US bible belt. I wonder how long it will be before smut about him will be dug up and disseminated in the media.