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6th June 2014

It’s a while since I posted anything. As I have said before, fundamentally there is little to say that I didn’t say some 10, 15 20 years ago. But I will say that little.


He is posturing and promoting himself for a Conservative leadership contest in due course. I must say I don’t see him as leader. He has an even more boring voice than does David Cameron; also he is equally prone to talking drivel as he demonstrated well enough on a recent TODAY program on BBC Radio 4. Zero points pour le petit garcon.


UKIP performed well in the European and local elections, as also in the Newark by-election. I am delighted, I support them unreservedly. And yet I ask myself where they go to now.

The coming year, until the next general election will be held, will be the most important period in this party’s history. Yes, they gained quite a momentum, and one cannot ignore them in the media, they are everywhere; but this will subside in the coming weeks.

Their stated aim is to concentrate their efforts, and limited financial resources, on those areas where they did well in the council elections. This is sound strategy. I personally believe they can do a lot better than most commentators suggest, more than they even believe in themselves. I can see them gaining a number of seats in next year’s general election, perhaps as many as 60, but that presupposes a number of things.

First their organisation is very poor, Oh, I know it has improved over the past year and more, but it is still quite simply unprofessional. You cannot afford to be that in today’s politics. They need to get a grip of this and quickly.

Second, the revelations made about Nigel Farage and some councillors and candidates of recent have damaged their appeal. They may pooh pooh this, but I have no doubt that it has. Candidates for councillors simply are not vetted properly, too many former radical members of the BNP have joined UKIP. Further damaging revelations will do UKIP no good at all. Nigel Farage himself will have to be on his ‘best behaviour’, the media and opponents are scrutinising his every move, his every action and utterance.

Most importantly, UKIP has not yet managed to bring to the electorate the third of people, or any significant number among them, who don’t vote. That apart, I read with interest a survey that shows that Farage appeals more to men than women; I can understand that. However, he needs to do something about this, perhaps punt Diane James more, an excellent politician by the way.

I would also point out that one can get too much coverage, whereby the electorate gets rather fed up with hearing about UKIP

The worst thing that has been muted is a pact with the Conservative party. I don’t care in what shape or form this pact can be construed, it is a vote loser. Perhaps Farage believes that tactically it can give him an advantage in certain seats, perhaps he believes former Tories will vote for him, but no, believe me, that idea should not be entertained. Were it to happen UKIP have lost my vote. My loathing for David Cameron is too great, it can never be overcome. We have some interesting political times ahead.


It is extraordinary how the results of this enquiry have not yet been published, all due to Tony Blair not wishing certain private correspondence between him and Bush to be published. Well, perhaps it’s not all down to him, I am certain the US State Department and the Bush family are also putting pressure on our Government. Blair is a criminal, and quite frankly to protect such criminals is obscene. I have little doubt that dirty tricks and blackmail are being employed to keep this under wraps for as long as possible, and at the best to expunge the correspondence that is causing such embarrassment. I hope all will out in due course. It was amusing to see the old liar in the news this evening claiming he had nothing to do with the delay, and that he wanted to see the report published. Of course you do Mr Blair.


Mullocks are probably the leading auctioneers in the UK as far as Nazi ephemera is concerned. It is part of history yes, but I do find it offensive when auctioned alongside Judaica, some of it making pathetic reading. Furthermore, it makes me wonder just how many paintings Hitler did paint; a lot apparently, but to have had them all come up for auction over a considerable period of time was curious. And then there was the etching of Hitler playing chess with Lenin. The auctioneer told me some time ago most of the material came from the descendants of a senior SS officer. I’m not sure whether I buy into that. It is all rather distasteful.




Royal mail shares were sold too cheaply. That was blindingly obvious at the time, yet no one raised any serious objections. Why raise this matter now?


I went along to this event some weeks ago. The fish and chips were excellent, and the wine potable.

The tory devout were there and after both Priti and Nick had given a speech one had a sort of mini question time. I resisted the temptation to ask awkward question, it is just not worth it.

NIck Boles is MP for the Stamford and Spalding constituency, as also a junior housing minister, or is it foir planning? His guest Priti Patel, is MP for Witham, Essex. Both are very bright people, Priti a particularly good speaker. Nick I found a little ponderous, he tries to be all things to all people, which does not come off, for me at least. Of course, the audience were for the most part older, devout Tories, who had the irritating habit of asking exceedingly boring and inane questions, but I managed to stay awake.


Ever more revelations are coming to light relating tothe Lawrence murder enquiry that took place some time ago. It is not the Met that is corrupt, but a significant number of police officers within it, as I know to my own cost. But then again, this has been known since the 1950s.


Punctuation, or the lack or misuse of it, is often in the news, and so it was with the humble comma recently. It was suggested we can do away with it. What arrant nonsense! Punctuation gives meaning to what is written, and no punctuation mark is arguably more important than the comma. Many good books have been written about punctuation, not just recently, but going back some centuries.

Although very much a layman, I have nevertheless read many thousands of letters of the 17th, 18th, 19th and indeed 20th centuries and have therefore formed my own opinion on the matter. In the 17th and 18th centuries hyphens were used a great deal, usually instead of a comma. They have made a comeback of recent. I use them quite often instead of a comma, or to add something as an afterthought. However, by the end of the 18th century the comma had gained predominance. For me its most important asset is to demonstrate in writing how what you are saying is spoken, that is with pauses.

There were exception to this. You will rarely find a legal document such as a conveyance with any punctuation marks in it, other than full stops, at least not until the latter part of the 19th century. Lawyers realized that a misplaced comma could invalidate a document, or at the best make its meaning ambiguous.

Of course, texting is more than anything responsible for the decline in both spelling and punctuation, but we have to live with that. Nevertheless, let’s stick with the comma and put these dullards who propose its abandonment in their place.


4th August 2013

Oh yes, the Yemen is definitely the ‘in’ holiday destination now, especially if you’re a woman – there are 130 men for every woman. Fly down by Al-Quaeda airlines, stay at the luxurious Bin-Laden hotel, and enjoy the hospitality of those lovely Taliban wallahs. Book now to avoid disappointment!

This planet sucks. I’m outta here – you coming?


The Taliban are preparing themselves for the predicted onslaught against Khazi’s government, and what better way to do this than to free those of their number (and others) who have been languishing in Afghani prisons.


One has to ask what has happened to UKIP. It has become very quiet about them. It is understandable, a protest vote was registered, and now we are back to the usual main party two and a half party political wrangling. I do feel UKIP are missing many chances to offer the government opposition; perhaps they are trying to, but it is not getting the media attention. Lynton Crosby is certainly doing his job well, but then it is not exactly difficult for him under the circumstances, given the shambolic state of Labour party and UKIP’s vulnerability.

Are UKIP saving their energy for a concerted effort prior to the Euro elections next year? Possibly. It is here where they have been spectacularly successful. It is here where people can vote for them with a clear conscience, notwithstanding any party allegiances they may have had, something they may not be able to do in a general election. The problem is that UKIP have few savvy people in the European parliament. The thought of the Tories being elected with an outright majority in due course is daunting – no terrifying!


I well recall how the chattering classes welcomed the Arab Spring. Indeed, it is satisfying to note that all is now well in those countries.

31st July 2013


Hang on, 1751? I could have sworn this was Bourne High Street last Saturday.


I have long advocated that the BBC lose its charter and the corporation be dismembered. Whether then it should be privatized in parts is debatable, but I cannot see it continuing along its present course for that much longer.

The latest attack by certain people within the BBC on John Humphreys, known largely as one of the presenters of the flagship ‘Today’ program for right wing bias is not acceptable; whether you agree with his tone or not, he offers a balance to views expressed by others. I wrote to Humphreys many years ago suggesting the BBC was past its sell-by date, but he replied that in his view it should remain intact. I wonder whether he has changed his mind in the interim.

I hate the terms left wing and right wing, somehow they seem rather outmoded to me. After all, the extreme right and extreme left have so much in common, although they would deny this; all I say is think of it topologically. I don’t believe anyone can deny that the BBC espouses political views that are contrary to those held by the majority of people in this country, I will refrain from calling tose views left wing. But these views permeate all kinds of programs both on radio and television. I find it quite obnoxious that an inordinate amount of air and TV space is given over to minorities. For example, and this grates particularly with me, I am fed up to the back teeth hearing and seeing Muslim spokesmen (rarely women) on air. According to the 2011 census Muslims represent but 2.7% of our total population. You would not think so when hearing their spokesmen on air, and more importantly the gratuitous use of Muslims and members of other minorities on television, one need only look at Eastenders. The same can be said of Jews, who represent but .5% of our population. Of course I would want to see minorities catered for, but this is tantamount to ethnic and social engineering on a massive scale, carried out largely by the BBC, to a much less extent by private broadcasters. But why refer to the BBC as the bad boy in all this. It is the controllers and producers of programs who ultimately are responsible. I would like all of them to lose their jobs, before one considers reemploying those who have kept a neutral stance; and neutral the BBC must be, given that it is a publicly owned entity. The BBC is, to my personal knowledge, a cosy little club, where members look after and promote themselves, as has been demonstrated by the obscene pay-offs to executives who left the corporation in recent times.


Corrupt councils

In the forefront here is, in my opinion, South Kesteven District Council (SKDC), and let us not forget corruption takes many forms. I want to speak here of one aspect of this dreadful council’s activities, or should I say lack of activity. It is something I have touched on in these pages before.

There are a good many pubs in Bourne, Lincolnshire, some would argue too many. In fact, a number of these are facing tough times, two having closed over recent years, and there may be others faced with a similar prospect; in short, it’s very much like it is in most parts of the country. Whether that is a good reason to allow a number of these pubs to flaunt the law is another matter. Certainly noise pollution is a problem, and again that is the case not only here but elsewhere. Pubs such as the Firkin Ale, The Burghley Arms, the Jubilee and Smiths all abuse their neighbours and the public in general with excessive noise, often by flaunting regulations imposed by their general and music lincences, for example having the door to premises and windows closed during live (and other) music events. Then, with some pubs, there is flagrant under-age drinking, drinking on the pavement and even the street (this notwithstanding that three of the above are in an ‘alcohol free zone’ imposed by SKDC), drug dealing and of course the selling of alcoholic drinks to those patently already highly intoxicated. This especially as far as the Firkin Ale is concerned. The latter has given rise to near riotous behaviour.

Nothing is being done about this. Indeed, nothing has been done over the years, I and others have complained to Environmental Health and Licensing departments of this council, as also to the police. In short, this is being condoned by all parties, for inaction smacks of acceptance.

2oth July 2013


A romantic notion, but perhaps it is more likely to be Pheromones at first whiff. Sorry to sound like such a spoil sport.
For those of exquisite sensuality, there is nothing headier than the musky smell of a loved one moist with sweat. But natural body odours don’t strike most of us as particularly enticing. In the Elizabethan Age, lovers exchanged “love apples” — a woman would keep a peeled apple in her armpit until it was saturated with her sweat, and then give it to her sweetheart to inhale.
Cats have scent glands on their cheeks, and can often be seen “cheeking” someone or a favourite table leg. When you pet a cat, she will, if she likes you, lick herself to taste your scent. And then she’ll probably choose your favourite armchair to claw and curl up in, not just because of its cushions but because your scent is on it.
In a famous letter, Napoleon told Josephine “not to bathe” during the two weeks that would pass before they met, so that he could enjoy all her natural aromas. Well, we don’t need to take it to that extreme.

But for those of you interested in this topic, read on:


We are born, we die.
We drink, we urinate
We eat, we defecate.
Most of us fornicate.
There is little else to life.
And yet there are those who would have you believe there is meaning to our existence.


(Kenneth Jacob c 1012)

I have become somewhat tired of playing to the gallery over the years, but of recent it has become quite fun.


It really is extraordinary how much publicity the pending Royal birth is getting. Personally I care little for it. Of course, I’m happy for the young couple, as I would be for any young couple. However, the hysteria surrounding the event has been, and threatens yet to be, quite distasteful. It is reminiscent of that surrounding Diana, in life as in death. Have people nothing better with which to concern themselves? Apparently not.


A delicate subject, but I will broach it.

So David Cameron is going to ‘take action’ to prevent people accessing kiddie port. Unfortunately the man is conning us, in two fundamental meanings of that word, as he has done ever since he was elected leader of the Tory party. As with all else he does, this is very much a cynical attempt at garnering votes for the forthcoming general election.

I very rarely watch or read porn. After all, why view sex if you can do it; much more enjoyable. But porn has been around since ancient times, that much we know, and without a shadow of doubt very much earlier than the earliest records of history demonstrate. One need only look at Greek pottery and the walls of Roman houses where it proliferates. It will, quite simply, continue to thrive. For people to decry it is utterly hypocritical. After all, how many of you have been titillated by the best seller ‘50 Shades of Grey’? Judging by earlier posts and comments a good many.

But the depiction and portrayal of porn involving the abuse of children is another matter. It is quite obnoxious and utterly revolting, resulting in a good number of children’s lives being ruined.

Yes, I would like to see this stopped, but I don’t see how it can be done. The idea Cameron has come up with is facile, it cannot work. It cannot work for any number of reasons that have been given by others better qualified than I am to do so. The only way I can see it being successful is if ALL we view on the net is controlled, every action recorded. And here’s the rub. We are moving in the direction of a surveillance society, where it is not only governments (and their agencies) who monitor our every action, but the possibility, no predictability, that information gathered will fall into the hands of third parties who will misuse such information. I for one would not like to see such a nightmare become reality. Oh for those pleasant times depicted in ‘1984’.

So where does that leave us with kiddie porn? Nowhere I fear. As loathsome as it is, it cannot be stopped. Those who produce it are outside the law at present, operating from parts of the world where they cannot be apprehended, and are in any case able to disguise their IPs. By all means arrest those that download it, but that is not the complete answer. Change people’s attitudes? Perhaps we should try and protect children better, but then again children can be bought for a few dollars in many parts of the world. As depressing as the idea is, perhaps we will have to learn to live with it.


Once again we are told by the Daily Mail that significant traces of Cocaine have been found in the toilets of the Houses of Parliament. But this is nothing new. The same newspaper reported on this some 3 – 4 years ago. So nothing has apparently been done to curb the use of Cocaine in Parliament in the interim. I wonder who’s dealing the drug and from where; one of the bars perhaps? Is it subsidized, as are the drinks? Who is using it? Cameron speaks far too rapidly for my liking.


4th July 2013

Will you be voting for this man again? I sure as hell will not. It is extraordinary, but when speaking with friends and acquaintances hitherto staunch Tories, I find it hard to identify but a handful who will vote Conservative in the next election. The majority will vote UKIP. I chatted with an acquaintance recently, a Tory peer, who actually told me he thought the Tory party was finished! That I think is taking it a bit far, but coming from the mouth of one who is a leading member of his party, it demonstrates the disillusionment they all feel for David Cameron.


It is surprising what extreme poverty can make one adopt desperate measures, or is it?

Chicago – 1948

24th June 2013


It was very difficult some years ago to find a National Health Service dentist, nigh impossible. Then for a time dentists were accepting NHS patients. Now the situation has reverted to what it used to be. Indeed, arguably it is even more difficult finding a dentist now, largely due to the increase in potential patients because of continued immigration. Dentists that do provide such treatment are for the most part non-British, and in many instances not well trained nor do they speak English well (see an earlier post). Looking at an NHS site which tells one where NHS dentists can be found locally, I found quite a number. On phoning them all, but all, told me they did not offer such a service. When I referred them to the site, the response was: ‘Ah yes, of course, that is for patients aged under 18’. This tells me that there is a scam going on here. Is this a wheeze for signing up to contracts which will not in the event be honoured?


I have some sympathy for the English Defense League, as also other groups taking action against Muslims. I say this advisedly, as I would certainly not condone the burning down of mosques, and yet the EDL are the only ones actually doing anything to counteract the spread of Islam in this country, even if only in their own misguided way. Whether what they do is effective remains to be seen.


We have a vast quantity of forged £1 coins in circulation in this country. I find them on a regular basis, when bored I go through my change to do so. Not that I’m often bored. The police should leave the counterfeiters alone. After all, they are doing their bit towards quantative easing.


It has gone little reported, but we still have a small illegal encampment of Romanian gypsies in Park Lane, Mayfair, London. What have the authorities done to remover this eyesore? Precisely nothing. These toothless tigers of Westminster City Council and those in Parliament should be ashamed of themselves. I can think of absolutely no reason why this should be permitted.


Indeed. A couple of days ago I found a small icon attached to the Mozilla search bar. I clicked on it and found the following. Whilst it is a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree, I still find it somewhat curious that this appeared only the once, not since. Has it been pulled, and if so at whose instigation? I would like to see Google associated with this, but given their track record this is hardly likely to happen. As far as I am concerned, they have been guilty of granting access to security services to their databases. There is also a list of those who support this action, which is quite incongruous, and is worth looking at.


If you want to be cool and socially mobile, whether you’re young or not so young, then the in thing to do right now, that which is trending, is to become a songwriter. Actually, hang on, this is stretching it a little too far, the thing to do is to call yourself a songwriter. And I just love following the antics of songwriters in the social media, most particularly Facebook. Song writing is somewhat of a misnomer, but let me be charitable.

I have followed the antics of a number of my Facebook friends, and more importantly other, non-friends, but whose profile is public and have come to the following conclusions. The first is, don’t be a musician, be amusical – it helps. Being musical is a no-no. A basic knowledge of programming is desirable. State clearly that you are a writer of music or words, or if you are brave enough, both; that’s all that is needed. Avoid at all costs letting people hear your endeavours, you may lose friends that way.

You then immediately attain a certain kudos, a certain standing within your group of friends, real or imaginary. It gives you access to a clique of similar minded individuals, all equally talentless, whom you can endlessly bore with posts about your latest song writing endeavours. Occasionally, it has to be said, the one or other song can be listened to, and may even get performed on third rate internet radio stations.


You know who you are.


Indeed. A couple of days ago I found a small icon attached to the Mozilla search bar. I clicked on it and found the following. Whilst it is a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree, I still find it somewhat curious that this appeared only the once, not since. Has it been pulled, and if so at whose instigation? I would like to see Google associated with this, but given their track record this is hardly likely to happen. As far as I am concerned, they have been guilty of granting access to security services to their databases. There is also a list of those who support this action, which is quite incongruous, and is worth looking at.

9th June 2013


At Stamford market a short while ago I discovered an interesting stall that sells meats that are somewhat different. I bought a couple of pies, one made with Zebra, the other with Camel meat. If I come out in stripes, you know I’ve got the hump!


After Some 40 years or so Ping Pong Diplomacy has returned. President Obama is meeting the Chinese president Chi Ting Ping and the Foreign Minister Du Hai Pong, two formidable politicians. Of course, Ping Pong Diplomacy was started by former president Richard Nixon, a good old boy of whom I was rather fond. He did much to open up and foster relations with China in the 70s and he initiated the US withdrawal from Vietnam. OK, so he had the Democrats’ office bugged and recorded a good number of telephone conversations, but come on, that’s no big deal. He was ahead of his time, that’s all.  The current president of the USA has authorized American internet companies to gather and supply the security services in that country with information relating to individuals’ emails and telephone conversations. This is totally invidious and unacceptable. Such action will affect not only American citizens, but others around the world. I look forward to hearing to what extent the authorities here cooperated with the USA.



I do feel sorry for this poor girl tried, who tried to commit suicide in Paris this week. What a dreadful legacy it must be fore her to be descended from a freak like Michael Jackson.


My favourite royal is in hospital again, he of the many wonderful non-PC gaffs, namely Prince Philip. So I have just heard is Nelson Mandela. I think we are being prepared by the media for a couple of departures in a short time.

KEVIN JAMES HOOK (1962 – 2013)

Life is a bitch, as I recall Kev saying on numerous occasions. It sure is, because it has taken Kevin Hook from us at far too early an age. The pic here is from the cover of a single he had out in the early 80s, when I first got to know him. He was a kind, gentle soul, a great musician and a brilliant guitarist, who will be sorely missed by many. He contacted a number of his friends some weeks ago to prepare them for what was likely to happen. That took some guts; yet it still came as a great shock. My thoughts are first and foremost with his family, particularly his daughters, as also with his many friends. I’ll see you in Valhalla matey!


8th May 2013


It had to come sooner rather than later. He achieved so much for Manchester United and one can only hope a worthy and capable successor is chosen. I must say I found his speech over the past few months somewhat impaired. Is it really just a hip operation he is having shortly?


Poor old Becks, he left his I-Pod unattended in a changing room. This was accessed by others who discovered he had little taste in matters music and much else. Such views are rather subjective, but then again, he has a track record: He married Posh.


To suggest that Afghan interpreters who worked for the British army should be allowed to settle here is absurd. We know that Afghanistan is now a peaceful country, where all are safe; after all, we have been told so often enough by our politicians and military.


These poor, dear old fools. They all appear to be coming out of the woodwork now criticizing David Cameron for his poor leadership. Max Hastings went so far as to state that he had been critical of Cameron ever since he was elected leader of the Tory party. A little disingenuous, I have an elephantine memory for such things and recall him ever having done so. I on the other hand have been a fierce critic ever since 2005, it’s there to be read.


I have followed his activities with some interest over the past 3 – 4 years. I wondered whether he would have the courage to return to Pakistan, or rather whether he would be foolhardy enough to do so. We now know. How this will pan out remains to be seen. For his own good I hope he will be sent back to London, or anywhere.

1st May 2013


UKIP did very well in the elections for local councils yesterday and I am much delighted. They won a good many seats and came second in a very great many more. Coming second of course is but poor consolation, winning is what matters. I note that in some instances they came second but by a small margin.

Nigel Farage and others are on a high and enjoying the immense publicity they are now getting. I hope they will put that to good use, because it will last but a short time; I hope this limited success will not go to Farage’s head. I hear criticism from some in the media and many in politics that UKIP must adopt the middle ground. That is precisely what they must not do, that will not get them the votes they require to succeed in the next general election. I hope they will not be seduced to go down this road. What is needed in British politics is a radical shift towards addressing fundamental issues such as our membership of the EU and immigration to this country and indeed to the EU. There is no place here for the middle ground.

This has of course been a serious blow to the Tories and they will of course continue to mouth sound bites about a referendum and a tougher stance on immigration – and much else. But they, and Cameron in particular, are not to be trusted. They will continue to retain what Cameron regards as the middle ground, but of course it isn’t, it is but a quagmire of oblivion into which they are sinking. As for the Liberal Democrats – who?

The problem with UKIP is that they are badly organized and managed. There is still too much Tory old wood in the party, as also too many dim wits. Now, I use the term dim wits not to be derogatory, it is just that too many in the upper echelons of the party are patently dim and lacking in wit.

For many a vote for UKIP was a protest vote, no matter what gloss Farage puts on this. But I believe UKIP could become a party that holds the balance of power in the 2015 election. It requires better management, but also a determined effort to get those who do not usually vote, about a third of the electorate, to do just that, go and vote on election day, and what is more vote for UKIP. This is a point I have been making for a very long time. None of the established parties will appeal to the, what I can only call, the disenfranchised, but UKIP could. It requires an application on the part of that party that may be beyond them.


I can’t say I feel he slightest bit sorry for Ken Roache at all, this braggard who boasted about having slept with up to 1000 women in his time! And now he faces alleged rape claims. The dividing line between consensual sex and rape can be very thin, I don’t care what others say on this matter, and if you’ve had your way with that many women, by the laws of probability, there is a good chance such allegations may stick. Whether prosecutions should be broughtso many years later is quite another matter. As for Stuart Hall, I am glad they are throwing the book at him.


Italy ‘needs a modern revolution to break into the modern world, one it has never had’, so said an Italian spokeswoman yesterday. Quite so, but the same can be said of many countries, including ours. Yet we are sleepwalking into oblivion.


Who the hell needs accounting firms like Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst and Young et al. You don’t, I don’t, most don’t. Even large corporations don’t need them to keep their accounts. They need them for two reasons only. First to rubber stamp their accounts as auditors, and second to assist them in avoiding tax. It is as simple as that.


Oh my, drug doping has now been outed in horse rating! And why not, much money is involved in this business, and where money is involved invariably an edge over competition is required, so why not enhance your critter’s performance by drugs. I would like to be in Sheikh shoes. I don’t think the ruler of Kuwait will take kindly to the stigmatisation of his name at the end of the day. Drug taking is against the teachings of the Koran. Can a horse be halal? I wonder.


This has to be the future for terrorists. Nevertheless, I am amazed that terrorists around the world have not developed their own drones. I mean, suicide bombers and IEDs are so passé! Many countries who harbour terrorists, in one way or another, and Iran springs to mind, have more than enough funds to buy drones on the grey or illegal market. Better still, they can develop their own, as indeed could terrorists. These don’t require the sophistication of drones used by countries such as the US, UK, Israel, Germany and others. That is the way forward. I am not condoning or advocating terrorism, just looking at the facts of the matter.


Speaking of drones, This dreadful woman is to be heard and seen again in the media. I thought she had disappeared some time ago. A former spokeswoman for the Banking Association, she is now chief executive of Energy UK. Extraordinary how such bimbos can maintain top jobs.


Tesco not doing so well any more!  You heard it here first.

24th April 2013

SCOTTISH HERITAGE – Minnie Gemmill’s

I found this photo recently, one of a good number I took. It is of the ruin of a building called Minnie Gemmill’s and is situated just outside of a village in Ayrshire called Dunlop, on a hill and in a relatively isolated position. When I first saw the building it was more or less intact, although in a poor state of repair. It had been owned by the Gemmill family for several centuries, there being two lintels to doors inscribed with names of earlier Gemmills; one from memory, although I do have a photograph somewhere, was to a Patrick Gemmill in the late 1500s. The last owner, whom I never met, she had died some years earlier, was a Minnie Gemmill, hence the name of the building. It’s alternative name was ‘templehous’, it having belonged to the Knights Templar. This building dates, given the dates of the lintels, in essence to the 16th century or before. Perhaps a building was erected on the footings of an earlier 13th century building; who knows. The order of the Knights Templar was suppressed in 1312.

The reason I was interested in this building was that I wanted to buy it, and some 18 acres of land surrounding it, and completely renovate it. The owner at the time was a Mrs Morris, the widow of Neil Morris, who owned Morris Furniture in Glasgow. I met her on several occasions. I made a fair offer, but she died and her son Robert took over. I met Robert, a rather eccentric fellow, on numerous occasions, but the sale did not proceed. He, a professed Scottish nationalist and promoter of all things Scottish, took no interest in the building whatsoever and let it go to rack and ruin, which is quite reprehensible. Now there is nothing left of it. A Scottish Nationalist and promoter of Scottish history? Bollocks! I still feel very angry about this. At least I have a number of photographs of the property should any local historians be interested in these.


I come on!  The tweet about the White House having been attacked and Obama wounded has to have been sent to make some money on the markets. How gullible people are. And there’s a law which makes ‘insider trading’ illegal? Ha!


On and on this saga goes, there is no end in sight. If this government had any sense they would simply take the man and send him to Jordan, end of story. What are the EU effectively able to do about it, or our courts for that matter. Bugger all I suggest.


Research has just revealed that vehicles powered by petrol and diesel will be around for a long time yet. ‘Green’, renewable sources of energy offer no competition. Why am I not surprised at this!


The FBI are pretty dumb. Indeed, they, as also the CIA, are not taken particularly seriously by security services of a good number of countries. If Russian security services tipped them off about the two terrorists from Chechnya, they should have taken not only notice, but action. I suppose it is the terrorists’ human right to kill and maim innocent victims; well, you tell that to those affected and the families of those who died.

People from such sensitive countries as Chechnya, and there are a great number of such, should quite simply not be allowed into the US, and Europe, unless there is very good reason for allowing them to do so. Purporting to be a refugee is not a good reason.


What had been a bout of flu then went on to become a nasty spell of pneumonia, which coupled with two broken ribs, put paid to any entries on this blog.  However, now back to business.

28th December 2011

And here is a humourous song I sing and texted. The melody will be well known to most of you. I suggest it expresses the situation most of us are in right now.  It is available as a download:



This letter was communicated to me by a Colonel Iqbal, a good many years ago now, he of blessed memory. The writer asks whether what was done 140 years ago in Sind, Pakistan, can still be done now, or at least then when the letter was written. It can yet be done now, notwithstanding that times have changed. There is no will on the part of the Pakistani authorities, no will and no ability to effect change.


Further to this post made some time ago, matters are progressing slowly – but they are progressing.


The 30 years anniversary of the Falklands war is coming up and the natives in Argentina are becoming understandably restive and have refused to allow Falkland registered ships access into their ports. In this they have been joined by the other members of Mercosur, the South American trading bloc, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, so this matter has to be taken seriously.

But what of Argentina’s claim to the Malvinas? The country was not even involved in the early stages of the jostle for power over the Falklands. That was between the colonial powers the Dutch, the French, the Spanish and the English. In 1840 Britain established supremacy in the islands and has held it ever since. So why this renewed interest on the part of Argentina in gaining sovereignty over the Malvinas? It has in part to do with the loss of face suffered nationally by losing the 1982 war, which will never disappear. However, I suspect a more pressing reason is the exploration for oil which is now going on off-shore. All attempts by Argentina to claim the Falkland Island should in my opinion be resisted, as long as the inhabitants wish to remain under British sovereignty.

Where would this all end? We have seen enough strife in central and eastern Europe, with countries succeeding and forming smaller countries, many from the former Yugoslavia. So many of these have not seen a happy ending to their new establishment, indeed, far from it.

One can translate this onto the on-going dispute between Spain and Great Britain over Gibraltar. Or perhaps we should go back another century or two and demand Calais back from the French? Or what about much of France, come to that. Should we see the reestablishment of the 12th century Angevin empire? There would less than half of the present day France left.  What about German claims to Danzig, or the lands in the East taken by both the Soviet Union and Poland? It would be never ending. The above is of course fanciful, but maintaining our right to sovereignty over the Falklands is not and it should continue to be exercised.


I am becoming increasingly amused by the proliferation on the internet of what I call wikilectuals, especially in the social media, on sites such as Facebook.

Why is it people no longer have the courage to express an opinion? Perhaps it is because they never had the ability to express one. I see interminable links to other peoples’ sites, who in turn have taken information from those of yet others… and on and on it goes.

Has no one anything original to say any longer? Has no one the courage to voice their own thoughts and opinions?

And then of course the activists of both the far left and the far right seem to abound. To be fair the far right less so than the far left. And yet, I hate using these terms, they are rather outmoded, indeed absurd nowadays. The radical left and the radical right have more in common with one another than either of them might at first imagine. Express an opinion to a left wing writer which is contra to his/her view and it evokes a veritable hysterical reaction. “STOP, how can you voice such views?” , as if they have the monopoly on published opinion. It is quite farcical.

I have recently made the experience, somewhat belatedly I fear, that the radical left has, as one knows, a lot to say, conning interminably with their unoriginal offerings. But that is all they do, they talk, talk, talk ad nausam. They are not people of action – perhaps we should be grateful for that at least.


Being used to bendy buses from travel on the continent I was rather pleased that they were introduced in London. But no, our intrepid mayor Boris Johnson is reintroducing the Route Master buses. What a shame. Bendy buses were so much more convenient. OK, they could not traverse all the routes because of their wide turning circle, but they coped well enough. Then there is the matter of fare evasion, but quite frankly few inspectors inspect fares on London buses or indeed the London underground in any case, so that I do not see that this can be trotted out as an excuse.


There is a wonderful program on BBC Radio 4 called Book of the week which goes out at 00.30 hrs. This week they have given excerpts from the Etymologicon by Mark Forsyth. We have had a spate of programs and pieces on etymology of recent, but this is by far the best.

The origin, or purported origin, of any number of words has been investigated, and there have been so many quirky, funny and curious explanations given. One that caught my ear was the origin of the word testify. It was suggested that this came from the ancient Roman habit of men holding their testicles with their right hand when giving evidence in court; this was to exclude women and eunuchs from giving evidence. The King James Bible, rather predictably, rendered this as them holding their thighs, although the original Hebrew version stated they held their soft parts. Needless to say I am relieved this habit has not continued to the present day.


The ratings agency Standard and Poor’s has just announced that it has relegated the Liberal Democrat Party to junk status. Given that it is now infested only by misguided lefties and pinkies and readers of the Guardian, there seems little purpose in its continuance.

What signs should I look for?

Dementia is not a single illness but a group of symptoms caused by damage to the brain. The symptoms include:

  • memory loss, such as remembering past events much more easily than recent ones
  • problems thinking or reasoning, or finding it hard to follow conversations or TV programmes
  • feeling anxious, depressed or angry about memory loss, or feeling confused, even when in a familiar environment

It occurs to me the entire Tory front bench is showing signs of Dementia.


29th July 2012.

The Dutch Government, notwithstanding its being a signatory to the new treaty agreed in December 2011 regulating the amount of debt it is permitted to carry as a percentage of GDP, has significantly exceeded the limit set. German troops are poised on the Dutch border set to invade Holland and remain in occupation until the Dutch fall in line with terms agreed under the treaty.

1st January 2012


Oh dear, oh dear, one of my favourite teams is in a bit of bother. It may be irreligious to say it, but I have been tempted for some time now;  I think Sir Alex Ferguson should consider retiring. His heart does not seem to be in it as it used to be. He surely must lack that hunger for success – after all, he’s done it all. He also does not sound or look too well.


Both the Arab League and Syria are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. There was obviously pressure from inter alia Saudi Arabia and Egypt to have observers in Syria, in the hope that they can achieve an end to the violence and even stabilize the regime there. But this could never succeed. The Syrian government could not have given in to demands made, it would spell their demise, which in due course will be heralded in any event. But the Arab League don’t come cleanly out of this. Who will give them credence, and who will want them involved on a similar occasion, of which I suspect there will be more.


New opinion polls show David Cameron on a personal basis as more popular than either of the two other party leaders. Well… that’s no masterpiece. He is being congratulated in this by any number of Tory hacks and politicians. He is more popular by default,that is all. And yet I am reminded of the early years of Blair, when all fawned over him, even those in the City; more fools they. Let us not forget that Cameron is, in his own words, the heir to Blair. I for one will never let him forget that. No, no, for me Cameron is an appalling politician and prime minister, who reacts to situations, he does not create them or take a decisive lead. He is but a pawn of circumstance. I’m right – you will see.


I read that the Chinese have been granted a license to explore for oil in Afghanistan. This should be of some concern to the USA and its oil companies, as indeed others around the world. The Chinese more or less kept themselves out of this conflict and have come out with a clean nose. It seems now that they may become the main beneficiary of trade links with the ‘new’ Afghanistan. That was the right way to play it – for them at least. That’s not what the USA envisaged when they occupied the country and gave it the American dream – or should one say nightmare. That, coupled with their increased activity in other parts of the world, especially Africa, as far as obtaining access to raw materials in concerned, need be of great concern in even the short term.

3rd January 2012

NORTH KOREA – This Pantomime

I would like to think this is the worst case of orchestrated mass hysteria on record. But then, professional mourners are nothing. They have appeared in many civilisations and cultures, going back to biblical times. North Korea has taken the whole concept to a new level.

These mourners were for the most part I suspect paid, an extra ration of rice here, a litre of oil there. But give them time. I am confident they will not wish to be paid when they rejoice with the same gusto at the new regime’s downfall, and implode it will be in due course. Its days are numbered.

One of the most ludicrous comments made about Kim Jung-Il, amongst almost everything attributed to him, was that he never defecated. Well, it would not do for a near God-like creature to defecate, would it. But that is something I almost believe. After all, he was so full of shit.


Dumbed down TV programs proliferate more than ever at present. Whether it is Come Dine With Me, one of the most disgusting programs ever devised by semi-literates for semi literates, or the new celebrity Big Brother,which is threatening to host Frankie Cocozza, who gives slime bags a bad name, it can’t get any worse. Or can it? One is intent on shocking the viewer, but the viewer is becoming enure to what he has seen for many years now. Where will we end up, with Japanese style television? Perhaps we should reinstate Roman plebian type games, where we can throw, not Christians of course, but members of ethnic minorities to the lions – or members of the Lib-Dem party come to that. Don’t knock the idea. Until you have tried it and seen the ratings, don’t knock it!

But it is once again BBC Radio 5 that is lowering the niveau overall. I used to refer to the BBC as the Bimbo Broadcasting Corporation, but to be fair there appear to less bimbos about there at present. Or maybe they are just keeping their heads down, I’m not sure. But the standard of productions at Radio 5 is for the most part abysmal and incredibly amateurish. This, coupled with a number of presenters who would not have got a job as a road sweeper for Hackney Council – and that’s saying something – it is mind boggling! My pet dislikes are Steve Nolan and the Nigerian presenter on Up All Night. Whether one is a fan of BBC Radio 4 or not, at least they are a professional broadcaster.There is something to be said for revoking the BBC’s charter in due course.

5th January 2012

THE COUNCIL FROM HELL – South Kesteven District Council (SKDC)

It’s a while since I wrote about these people. It’s not that they haven’t had anything newsworthy to report since then, so let’s make a start with this little piece. This Environmental Health Department of this council.

Some years ago Environmental Health were quasi autonomous. Then they were merged with the District Council. This is a case for regret, as their actions since then have become less and less independent. I have had cause over the years to report noise pollution to them, but they have been less than impartial in tackling the issues reported; but that is history, for the time being.

For some years I have been faced with an inordinate amount of noise coming from a number of pubs in Bourne, where I live. The worst offender is the Firkin Ale, a refuge, in my opinion, for some of the less salubrious members of the community. Be that as it may, the police have raided this establishment on at least two occasions looking for under-age drinkers and drug dealers.

My main concern is the inordinate amount of noise coming from this pub, especially during Friday and Saturday nights. Worse still they have a licence for live music, heaven knows why, as the pub was a former cafe, not designed to be a pub, and lacking all sound-proofing that would ameliorate the lot of neighbours. Drunks cavorting on the pavement and in the street are also a hazard for traffic down a busy main road. Perhaps once we have had a serious accident action will be taken.

Live music nights will find drinkers on the pavement drinking – which makes a nonsense of the alcohol free zone plaque put up by the council some years ago, and which is opposite the pub. The doors are often left open, especially in hot weather. This means that the noise coming out of this place is intolerable and can be heard some 100 yards and more down the road.

Yet nothing is being done to prevent this. The councillors are fully aware of the problems of noise pollution presented by this pub, and indeed others, but they do nothing. Indeed, at least one councillor to my knowledge drinks from time to time there on the nights in question.

I have reported this in the past. With many councils Environmental Health Officers can be called out to investigate. Not with this council, as they have amply demonstrated in the past. This is not the only pub causing a nuisance and I will write the others up in due course.


Some years ago it was incredibly difficult to find a dentist in many parts of the UK who would treat one under the NHS. That situation has improved, largely because dentists can now earn an incredible amount of money, many coming in from overseas to do so. They are of course not in the same league as GPs, whose salaries and earning potential were increased to perverse levels by the previous Labour Government. I am with a dentist in Stamford. I am not happy with that dentist. In fact, I am most unhappy with that dentist.

I shall be changing and going back to my dentist in London.

I have been with this dentist for two years and in that time no x-ray was done of my teeth. On the last occasion I saw a hygienist. She spent 5 minutes doing a peremptory and unsatisfactory clean-up of my teeth. With my previous dentist I had three 20 minutes sessions, she not just cleaning my teeth but giving invaluable advise about dental hygiene. On an earlier visit to this dentist I was given an anaesthetic. It did not take , nor did a subsequent top-up. Quite frankly I let the man get on with putting in a filling.

My treatment is covered by the NHS. It occurs to me that a hygienist can make a lot of money by doing her job poorly, in little time. Similarly, an anaesthetic given in a low dose can also be charged full whack to the NHS. Food for thought.